Why do a biomechanical study?

Prevent injury

Ensure safe sports practice by identifying decompensations, insufficient ranges of motion or metrics that predispose to physical problems.

Greater comfort

Forget about typical problems such as numbness in support points, perineal pressure or dorsal overloads

Improve performance

Achieve a final position that optimizes performance according to the modality practiced: decrease power loss, aerodynamic improvement, control for technical sections...

What are the steps of our studies?


Initial interview to know previous history, objective of the study, present pathologies, practiced modality ...


Initial assessment of the cyclist and bicycle for appreciate points on which to focus the study

Functional assessment

Anatomical examination, analysis of ranges of motion, possible strength deficits, proprioceptive or decompensation

Video filming

Kinematic analysis of initial position using 2D software

3D inertial analysis

Use of IMU to determine movements in the different axes of the pelvis, knee and foot

EMG and kinetic analysis

Know the muscular activation and the application of force on the pedals

Position modification and correction

Cleat adjustment and different components to the cyclist's needs according to the evaluated parameters


New data collection and comparison with feedback to know the effects of the changes until reaching the final position


Study report and final measures as well as subsequent review

Kinematic analysis
Kinematic analysis

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Kinematic analysis
Kinematic analysis

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Unilateral power production
Unilateral power production

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Kinematic analysis
Kinematic analysis

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Price list

Biomechanical study 1 bicycle (2h 30' approx)
€ 100

Biomechanical study 2 bicycles (3h 30' approx)

€ 150

Electromyographic study complement

€ 20

* Studies include 1 free review within 3 months if it is necessary